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Yibin days of the original chemical purification of water

文章摘要:Yibin days of the original chemical purification of water,画眼线铺板各国政府,驹齿未落两幅光化作用。

Author:青岛万源环境科技有限公司     Published:2016-07-12     Source:Yibin days of the original chemical purification of water     Click:

Type: chemical process pure water station
Project: Yibin days of the original chemical purification of water
Capacity: 800T/D
Description: The project product water accords with the chlor alkali chemical process of PVC production process water requirements, the reverse osmosis desalting rate above 97%; design terminal of the mixed bed effluent dynamic determination of resistivity greater than 10 Mohm

Project case details

Production waterquality

According to the chemical industry for making chlorineand alkali,the RO system salt rejection over 97%,after polishing bed ,the resistivity more than 10 meg


PLC romote control,pre treatment equipment manual backwash

Main process

The system operationcondition

This pure watersystem has been running for 2 years,the main RO equipment is stable operating,the test item in fine index.

1.the pretreatment parts:composed by sodium hypochlorite dosing equipment,fine sandfilter,activated carbon adsorb plant and 2 stage fine filter,the production water pollution index≤4,residual chlorine≤0.1ppm

The raw water directly getting from Chang jiang river,only by fast filter,the COD is high to 4.5ppm,always jam the 1 stage fine filter,then by improvement,dosing the sodium hypochlorite,bactericide,thenby fine sand filter,the water COD low to 2.5PPM,this make the replacement cycle lower from 1 month to more than 2 months,and the costs lower significantly.protect the RO system. At the same time use sodium hydrogen sulfite dosing system after 1 stagefine filter for extend the activated carbon replacement cycle.

2.RO system:compose by 2 sets 20T/H system,parallel running available,we pick up DOW membrane from the USA,additional UF water tank and membrane washing system,saltrejection more than 97%

3.mix bedsystem:composed by 2 sets D1600 diameter mix bed,one work one standby,actual production water more than 15meg