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Author:青岛万源环境科技有限公司     Published:2016-06-21     Source:www.dquiles.com     Click:1640

Wanyuan 20T/D pharmaceutical 

single stage RO system + EDI  ultrapure water equipment

System Characteristic 

1.Standard Design

Wanyuan purified water system is designed according to the standard requested by China, America and European Pharmacopoeia, meeting the demands of GMP and FDA.

2.Newest and advanced technical design

 which is called “whole membrane technology ”(UF+RO+EDI), makes the pure water quality good and stable ultimately.

3.Integrated Design

Compact system design, small space occupied, saves the the customer infrastructure investment.  

4.Working automatically

 PLC control, full automatic working,no full-staff operation,which avoids the unstable  factors caused by the workers’ operation.

5.Sanitary components

Sanitary membrane housings,clamps,tanks and SUS304 pipes(changes as pure water request by per customer)


The welding machine is imported from Germany, recording the welding parameters automatically, making a complete record for all welding, meetings the requirements of GMP.

7.Design as URS

 Only the customized system can be the the perfect one for customers..

8.Disinfection and sterilization

 Pasteurization, ozone sterilization,UV and membrane filters to prevent bacteria from affecting the water quality. 

 Process Profile 

  Normally there are 3 methods for making the purified water

(1) Pre treatment +1st stage RO system +2nd stage RO system

(2) Pre treatment +1st stage RO system +  EDI

(3) Pre treatment +two stage RO system + EDI 

Process Flow Chart

Raw water→raw water tank→raw water pump→softening→bag filter→UF→UF water tank→1st stage high pressure pump→2nd stage high pressure pump→2nd stage RO system→EDI system→pure water tank→pure water supply pump→ozone sterilization system→UV sterilizer→pure water usage point


The purified water system can be used for medical devices, pharmaceutical formulations,vitriol diagnostic reagents, pharmaceutical water, blood purification, hemodialysis, biochemical products, medical sterile water, oral liquid water, disinfection room, hospital supply room, central water supply. 

Wanyuan has hundreds of successful cases for famous enterprises. Related cases information can be provided for your reference. The key point is that the water analysis report and the water treatment solution be provided for free.

Qingdao Wanyuan welcome your inquiry. Please call 86-532-66915116.

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