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high ammonia-真钱赌球网-线上赌球网站-线上赌球平台
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High ammonia-真钱赌球网-线上赌球网站-线上赌球平台: 

High ammonia-nitrogen wastewater mainly comes from chemical, metallurgy,PCB etching process and other industries. The ammonia nitrogen in the wastewateris mainly in the form of ammonium salt or NH4OH with strong pungent smell andNH3-N concentration of 1-50g/L. It is a kind of high-pollution wastewatersubject to stringent direct discharge control.

Common treatment processes include: physic-chemical method,bio-denitrification method, and biochemical combination method 



ammonia nitrogen exist the ionization balance in the water below

NH4+ + OH- = NH3·H2O

After adjusting the PH value to alkaline,then separate the ammonia-nitrogenwith deammonia membrane in heat condition


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