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Author:青岛万源环境科技有限公司     Published:2016-06-21     Source:www.dquiles.com     Click:1666

Wanyuan 10T/H Reclaimed Water System
System Characteristics

1.Standard Design

Wanyuan purified water system is designed according to the standard requested by related standards in different industries. The whole system design would be taken customers’ profit as the the first factor.

2.Integrated Design

Compact system design, small space occupied, saves the the customer infrastructure investment.  

3.Working automatically

 PLC control, full automatic working,no full-staff operation,which avoids the unstable factors caused by the workers’ operation.

4.Free water analysis report provided

Wanyuan has her own water analysis laboratory. Professional and free water analysis report can be provided in time.


The welding machine is imported from Germany, recording the welding parameters automatically, making a complete record for all welding, meetings the requirements of GMP.

6.Design as URS

 Only the customized system can be the the perfect one for customers.

Process Profile 


wo methods are listed as following for reclaimed water treatment.

         (1) Pre treatment + UF+ one stage RO system

         (2) Pre treatment (UF) +one stage RO system

Process  Flow Chart for Reference

Reclaimed water pool→Micro flocculation +multi media filter→UF→UF water tank→Booster pump→Micro Filter→High pressure pump→RO system→water recycling pool 



Reclaimed water is an excellent water source for:

  • Irrigating golf courses, residences, highway and street medians and other landscaped areas
  • Meeting urban demands for water to wash cars, flush toilets and maintain ponds and fountains
  • Meeting industrial and commercial demands for water at power plants and for various processing and/or washing needs
  • Irrigating food crops, such as citrus and soybeans, and irrigating crops and pastures for livestock
  • Creating wetlands and enhancing restoration
  • Recharging groundwater

Wanyuan has hundreds of successful cases for famous enterprises. Related cases information can be provided for your reference. The key point is that the water analysis report and the water treatment solution can be provided for free.  

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